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Lots of animal paws    All home visits include the following care for your pet:  (replace water, treats, feeding, accident clean ups, 1 litter box cleaned and lots of love and attention)

    Initial Consultation: Prior to services being scheduled, all first time clients will have an in-home New Client Registration Visit to introduce us to your pets and to discuss the individual needs of both your pet and your home. The visit typically lasts about one hour. During that time Paws R Us Pet Services represenative, will go over the Service Agreement, Veterinary Treatment/Authorization Form, the New Client Information Packet, and verify the information you have been asked to enter into our online pet sitting software. In addition, he/she will review pricing for requested services, payment policies, and answer any questions you may have to ensure both parties understand their responsibilities. During this time our sitters will be getting acquainted with your pet(s) and starting to form the bond that is essential in the sitter/pet relationship.

   Finally, we will collect two sets of keys to your home and review any security measures that you have installed (i.e., garage codes, alarm codes, etc.), and have you give us a tour of your home pointing out the pet food cabinet, area where pets are fed, location of alarm system, cleaning supplies, etc. This is a one-time visit for new clients.

    Kitty Cat Care: For our more independent pets who are able to be by themselves for long periods of time. We will visit your home and provide your kitty with fresh water, food and clean the litter box. During this visit we will play with your kitty and give him/her all the love and attention they deserve. During these visits we can check mail, alternate lights, water plants and so forth, at your discretion. 


♦ 20 Min Visit - $22.50
♦ Additional Cat - No Charge
♦ Each Additional Litter Box - No Charge
♦ Medication Topical / Oral - No Charge
♦ Holiday Surcharge Daily - No Charge

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